soal uts kelas 9


TAHUN PELAJARAN 2011  / 2012

MATA PELAJARAN     :   BAHASA INGGRIS                HARI/TGL  :   24 Desember 2011

KELAS                            :   IX ( Sembilan )                          WAKTU      :    07.30 – 09.30


  1. Tulislah nama, kelas, ruang dan nomor peserta Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan.
  2. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang Anda anggap mudah.
  3. Jumlah dan bentuk soal sebanyak  35 Pilihan Ganda. Dan 5 Essay
  4.  Berikan tanda silang (X) pada lembar jawaban A,B,C atau D yang dianggap paling benar .


Read the Text.



            Dani is a general name for  all  the  tribes of the Baliem Valley in Irian Jaya. The Origin of these people is not known. They all have dark brown skin , but each tribes language and customs are different. They used bird feathers, and special kind of wood for trading.

The Dani are farmers. They have been farmers for at least 5000 years. They are very skilled farmers. They raise pigs and grow  sweet potato. They spend most of their time working in their fields. As a results , they are very phisically fit and  strong .

Everybody who meets the Dani people say that they are fearless. They are afraid of nothing or Nobody. On the other hand, everybody says that they are very friendly people.

Answer no  1  ———  6 based on the text.


1. Are the Dani people good farmers ?

a. No, They don’t        b. No,they aren’t         c.Yes, they do                         d.Yes,they are

2. Do Each tribes of Dani People have the same language and custom  ?

a. Yes, They do.          b. Yes, they are           c. No,they don’t          d. No. they aren’t

3. What did they use for trading ?

a. Money                     b. bird feathers            c. pigs                          d. sweet potato.

4. Who says that the Dani people are fearless and very friendly ?

a. People          b. The Dani are farmers           c. Everybody who meets the Dani people

d. They are afraid of nothing or nobody.

5. Where do the Dani People come from ?

a. not known               b. Baliem valley          c. Irian Jaya                 d.  Africa.

6. Which sentence  is TRUE  according to the text ?

  1. They are frightened of other people .
  2. Pigs are sweet potatoes are their main produce.
  3. Dani is the name of one tribe in Baliem Valley  Irian Jaya
  4. The Dani people are weak.

Aida- 085643208576

20-april-2010. 3.15 p.m.

Hello, Manda. We missed you today. No calls, no sms, no information at all. None of us could answer when the teacher called the roll and asked about you. What’s up, friend? Reply soon, please.

9. The word “soon” has same meaning as

  1. Sure
  2. Late
  3. Immediately
  4. Fast


7. We can conclude from the above text that…..

  1. Aida was absent this morning
  2. Manda was absent that day
  3. Manda had a problem with the teacher.
  4. Aida did not inform Manda why he is absent.

8. The sms was sent in the…

  1. Morning                       C.Evening
  2. Afternoon                   D.Night

Text for no 10-12

For all the class chairmen

We will have a meeting on Sunday at 10.00 am-12.00 am in Class 9A. We’d like to discuss our plan about class meeting next week.

Please, come on time !

12.The synonym of the word “on time” is….

A. late

B. punctual

C. quickly

D. slowly


10.The announcement above is about …

  1. having a meeting
  2. discussing a plan
  3. planning the class meeting
  4. having activity on Sunday

11.They will have a meeting ………

A. in the afternoon

B. in the evening

C. in the morning

13. The word “it” in the text refers to….

A. the card

B. the gift

C. the birthday

D. the reply

14. The similar meaning of the word “gift” is..

A. fee

B. present

C. souvenir

D. handy-craft


D. in the Midnight

Text for no 13-14

To: Juliani

Thanks for your Card and Gift. It’s the nicest birthday gift.

Best Regards,


Text for no 15 -16


For all students of class VII, the extracurricular activities (basketball and kempo) will start next month, September 2nd, 2011, on Friday ( basketball) and Saturday ( kempo )

At 4.00 pm.

Please contact Mr. Sarman (instructor): 08765476542 for enrollment.

OSIS chairman

Eva diyaurrahmah

15. The announcement is about…….

A. the seven grade students

B. the OSIS chairman election

C. the extracurricular activities

D. the basketball and kempo  match

16. Which statement is true according to the text?

A. Mr.Sarman is one of the teacher

B. The extra curricular activities will be hold

in the morning

C. The extracurricular activities are for grade

seven only

D. Eva diyaurrahmah is an instructor of OSIS

Text  for no 17  – 19


Wanted for big restaurant.

Applicants must be friendly and able to speak English.

Age 16 – 20.

Experience unnecessary.

Excellent pay.

All applications must reach to our office no later than two weeks.

Apply in writing to: SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Jl. Gajah Mada 108, Yogyakarta

Yogya Post / 3rd March 2009

17. Which qualification must the applicant have?

A. unfriendly

B. speak English well

C. experienced

D. excellent

18. The word “unnecessary” is similar in meaning to ….

A. very urgent

B. not perfect

C. not important

D. uneasy

19. How can we apply the job?

A. By mail

B. By e-mail

C. By phone

D. on line

Text for no 20 – 24

Making Pisang Goreng is very easy. First you need some ripe bananas and frying oil. Then slice the banana into thin slices. If you like, you can sprinkle some sugar or some cheese on top, or roll the bananas in flour before you fry them. The next, fry them in very hot oil until they turn brown. Eat them while it is warm. Hem…it’s very delicious.

20.What materials do you need to make Fried Banana?

  1. Young bananas and frying oil
  2. Ripe bananas and frying pan

C.  Sugar and rotten banana

D.  Ripe bananas and cooking oil

  1. The writer wrote the text to….
    1. describe Pisang Goreng
    2. tell how to make Pisang Goreng
    3. explain the steps how to eat Pisang Goreng
    4. describe the process of frying Pisang Goreng.
  1. Which statement is correct based on the text?
    1. We have to roll the bananas with flour after frying them
    2. We must put sugar and cheese on top of bananas before slicing them
    3. We have to eat the bananas with a very hot oil
    4. We must stop cooking the bananas when they turn brown.
  1. The word “easy” has the opposite meaning to….., except(kecuali):
    1. simple
    2. complicated
    3. difficult
    4. hard
  1. The word “them” in line 3 refers to …
    1. pisang Goreng
    2. bananas
    3. sugar and cheese
    4. flour


Dinosaurs were a type of lizards. They lived from about 230 million to about 65 million years ago. In 1842, Sir Richard Owen created the word dinosaur. It came from Greek words deino.s, meaning “terrible” and sauros, meaning “lizard”. Dinosaurs lived on earth for about 140 million years.

During the dinosaurian era, the days were short. The sun was not as hot as it is today. On earth there was only one big continent and one big ocean. The name of the continent was pangea (all lands) and the name of the ocean was panthallassa (all seas).

There were many kinds of dinosaurs. Some of them were very big and some others were small. Some dinosaurs ate leaves and some others ate meat. Some dinosaurs could fly.

What happened to dinosaurs? Dinosaurs became extinct because there was a large comet hitting the earth. The comet caused fire and it killed the trees. Dinosaurs could not eat because there were no trees on earth and finally they died and became extinct.

  1. What were the days like during the dinosaurian era?

a.Long                      c.   Warm

b.Cold                      d.   Short

  1. What is the main idea of paragraph 3?

a.  There were many kinds of dinosaurs

b.  Some dinosaurs could fly in the sky

c.  Many dinosaurs were small in form

d.  Dinosaurs ate leaves and meat

  1. The writer wrote the text …

a.  to describe what the dinosaurs look like

b.  to show the steps how to measure dinosaurs

c.  to inform people about dinosaurs and their lives

d.  to amuse people by showing the dinosaurs’ power

Text for no 28 – 31

Dear Turyana,

We request the pleasure of you for the 14th birthday celebration of my daughter, Riska at “Gajah Wong Resto” Saturday night on December 20th, 2008 at 19.00-22.00

Dress code: casual red. No slippers



28. “We request the pleasure of you” expresses…

A. pleasure

B. invitation

C. gratitude

D. asking help

29. The party will begin…

A. at 7 am

B. at 7 pm

C. at 10 am

D. at 10 pm

30. What kind of dress must the guest wear on?

A. Casual red with slippers

B. Casual red with shoes

C. Casual red without shoes

D. Casual black with no slippers.

31. How long will the event be held?

A. Three o’clock.

B. Three times

C. Three hours

D. Three minutes

Text for no 32 – 33

Switch off all electronic appliances

 when you don’t need them


  1. We will find such kind of instruction in the following places, except ….
  1. at home
  2. at school
  3. in the office
  4. along the street

33.The notice means….

  1. We are allowed to turn on the appliances every time
  2. We must switch on the appliances when we don’t need them
  3. We are asked to switch off the appliances if we don’t need them
  4. We have to use the electronic appliances any time

Text for no 34 – 35



  1. Where do you usually find such a notice?
    1. In the zoo
    2. In the parking area
    3. In the playground
    4. In the park
  1. It means…
    1. People are banned to grow the plants
    2. People are suggested to pick up the plants
    3. People must pick and grow the plants
    4. People are forbidden to pick out the plants


1.What is the purpose of the Procedure text ? Write the Structure of Paragraph of the Procedure Text

2. Write 5 kinds of short functional Text !

3. Write 2 expression of Asking Repetition ( Pengulangan )

4. What is the Report text  ?

5.  Make a dialogue   about   certainty   and   uncertainty   ( Hesitation



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