(SKL NO 7)


Text procedure adalah text yang menjelaskan bagaimana cara

( cara melakukan sesuatu,cara menggunakan, cara memasak, cara mengoperasikan, sara menyajikan, cara menyusun dsb)


–                     To give instruction how to……( memberi petunjuk bagaimana cara…)

–                     To give direction how to………(  sda )

–                     To explain/ to tell/to describe/to inform how to ( menjelaskan bagaimana cara..)

–                     To explain/to tell/to describe/ to inform the steps, the ways, or the methods how

to do….( menjelaskan langkah, cara, metode …)

GENERIC STRUCTURE ( bagian teks):

  1. Aim/goal ( tujuan teks ), ada pada judul.

Example  : How to be a good student

How to pass the examination

How to sew the clothes

How to use digital camera

How to serve fried noodle

How to cook “satay’

  1. Materials/ingredients /bahan/bumbu( jika ada): salt, flour, cooking oil

Equipments/tools/ alat: stove, frying pan, pan, ladle, spatula, knife, etc.

  1. Steps/ways/methods/procedures (langkah-langkah)

First, second, third, fourth, the next, then, after that, before that, the last/finally, etc.

Soal-soal yang biasanya ditanyakan dalam UN:

  1. Pertanyaan tersirat:

–         What is the best title of the text?

–         What is the main idea of the text?

–         What is the main idea of the first paragraph/second paragraph?

–         Paragraph three talks about……..

–         Which paragraph tells us the features of the subject?

–         What is the function/the purpose of the text?

–         Paragraph one has the function to…..

  1. Pertanyaan tersurat:

( Pertanyaan ini menayakan What, Why, Where, When, How, Which, Whose dsb yang berhubungan dengan isi text)

–         Where does he live?

–         How does she work?

–         What does the strong body of the subject for?

  1. Reference: Menanyakan “pronoun”.

–         The word “this” refers to…..

–         What does the word “these” refer to?

–         The word “it” refers to…..

  1. D. Vocabularies: Kosa-kata.

–         What is the similar meaning of the word”….”?

–         What is the opposite meaning of…….

–         The synonym of the word “….” is……

–         The antonym of the word “…” is……

Pengayaan Vocabularies:

Exercises: Match column A with suitable words in column B and C

* Yang berhubungan dengan memasak

No. 1 is done for you. Slice-irislah-knife

1.   slice (cut into small)

2.   toast

3.   wash

4.   simmer

5.   grate

6.   grind

7.   fry

8.   stir

9.   pour

10. turn over

a. tuangkan

b. cucilah

c. masaklah

d. parutlah

e. haluskan

f. baliklah

g. irislah

h. aduklah

i. pangganglah

j. gorenglah

– grinder

– knife

– spatula

– grater

– stove

– dishes

– frying pan

– tea pot

– spoon

– toaster

* Yang berhubungan dengan penggunaan  alat electronik

  1. plug in/ plug out
  2. turn on/ turn off
  3. turn up/ turn down
  4. adjust
  5. rotate
  6. press/push
  7. remove
  8. select
  9. enjoy
  10. play
a. tekan/dorong

b. naikkan/turunkan

c. mainkan

d. aturlah

e. putarlah

f.  bukalah

g. pilihlah

h. nikmatilah

i. hidupkan/matikan

j. colokkan/cabutlah

– radio tuning

– game

– program

– volume

– buttons ( tombol )

– cable

– cap

– TV station

– antenna, temperature

– lamp, TV, computer


Questions 1 to 3 are based on the following text.

How to Make a Boat or a Hat

Things you need

A half page of newspaper

What to do

First, fold the paper in half the long way, crease and unfold.

Second, fold the sides up to the middle crease, keep folded.

Next, fold the corners down to the middle.

After that, fold the corners down to the middle again.

Then, fold the points downs to the middle.

Finally, open the middle and turn it inside out to make a boat, or flip it over and wear it as a hat.

  1. How many times do we have to fold the paper?

A.  6                               C.  4

B.  5                               D.  3

  1. How many steps should we follow to make a good paper boat or hat as mentioned in the text?

A.  7                               C.  5

B.  6                               D.  4

  1. “Finally open the middle and turn it inside out to make a boat or flip it over and wear it as a hat.”

The underlined word could be best replaced with the word ….

A.  create                      C.  perform

B.  design                     D.  have

(UNAS 2006/2007 PAKET 15 soal no 31,32,33)


1. B


2. B


3. A


Read the text and answer questions 4 to 6.

Tikka Kebab

Ingredients :

1.   Cubes of lamb

2.   Squares of green pepper

3.   Onions

4.   Salad

5.   T ikka seasoning mixture

Step :

1.   Cut onions into quarters

2.   Put cubes of lambs, squares of green pepper and onion squares on bamboo skewers and marinate them in Tikka seasoning

3.   Grill them

4.   Serve them with a salad (curry like seasoning from India)

  1. What does the writer write the text for?

A.  To inform how to serve a salad

B.  To explain how to make a salad

C.  To tell how to make Tikka Kebab

D.  To discuss how to make cubes of lamb

  1. How many ingredients are needed to make Tikka Kebab?

A.  Three                       C.  Five

B.  Four                         D.  Six

  1. What does the word ‘them’ in step 2 refer to?

A.  Cubes of lamb and onions

B.  Onion, bamboo skewers, and salad.

C.  Squares of green pepper and onions

D.  Cubes of lamb, onions, and squares of green pepper

(UNAS 2007/2008 PAKET 15 soal no 35,36,37)


4. C


5. C


6. D


Read the following text to answer questions 7 to 9


Ingredients :

–             Some strawberries

–             Some grapes

–             A banana

–             A cup of yoghurt

–             Some mint leaves


–             A knife

–             A large bowl

–             A small bowl


1. Wash the fruit and let them dry on paper towels

2. Cut the strawberries and grapes in half on two slices 3. Slice the banana into chunks

4. Combine all the fruit in a large bowl and mix them

5. like three spoonfuls of mixed fruit and put them in a small bowl

6. Add a bit of yoghurt on top of the fruit salad

7. Place a small bundle of mint leaves on the yoghurt as a garnish

8. Sunrise salad is ready to serve

7. What is a small bowl for?

A.      To put the combination of all fruit.

B.      To place three spoonful of mixed fruit.

C.      To add some mixed fruit.

D.      To mix all of the fruit.

8.      What should we do after we cut all the fruit?

A.     Add a bit of yoghurt in it.

B.     Combine them in a large bowl.

C.     Garnish it with mint leaves.

D.     Serve it immediately.

9.      “Slice the banana into chunks” (step 3) The underlined word means ….

A.     small pieces

B.     large amount

C.     thick pieces

D.     thin pieces

(UNAS 2008/2009 PAKET 15 soal no 37,38,39)








Text for no 10-12.

The following steps tell how to wash the clothes using a washing machine. First, separate the colored clothes from the others. Then, put them in the washing machine, turn the machine on, set it to the wash selection and pour the detergent powder in. Next wait for the tub to fill with water. After the process of washing has finished, let the clothes drain through the drain hose. After that, see the knob of the wash timer again, this time to rinse for three minutes. Do this twice for a good rinsing. Finally, put the wet clothes into the spin compartment, set the knob and wait until the spin processing shuts off. Now, you are ready to put the clothes on the line.

10.    When is the detergent powder poured into the washing machine?

A. Before we hut the dirty clothes in the machine.

B. Before we begin to turn the machine on.

C. After we set the machine to the wash position.

D. Before we rinse the clothes for the second time.

11.    What is the text above about?

A. How to operate the washing machine.

B. How to turn the washing machine.

C. How to wash the colored clothes.

D. How to rinse the dirty clothes.

12.    From the text above we know that….

A. It is bad to wash colored clothes using washing machine

B. it is useful to use detergent powder to rinse the clothes

C. it needs much electricity to wash using washing machine

D. it is not enough to rinse the clothes only once

(UNAS 2008/2009 PAKET 15 soal no 19,20,21)








Read the text and answer questions 31 to 33

13. What do we do first if we want to make pulp?

A.  Mix the shredded paper with 151t of water and 1 spoonful of glue

B.  Soak the shredded paper in water for about 3 hours.

C.  Pour the shredded paper into a plastic container

D.  Dip the shredded paper into water

14. If we use 6 It of pulp, and 2 spoonful of glue, how much water do we need to make a good


A.  15 lt                          C.  45 lt

B.  30 lt                          D.  60 lt

15.”Soak the shredded paper in water fur about 3 hours.” The underlined word means …

A.  Put intowater until completely wet

B.  Put into liquid in a short time

C.  Take out from the water quickly

D.  Raise from the water gently

(UNAS 2006/2007 PAKET 48 soal no 31-33)









Paket 1

Text for no 1-5

First, travel through the water with the chest and head pointing downward the bottom. Next, move the legs in a flutter kick: move up and down quickly and continually. Then, bring the right arm in front and slightly to the right of swimmer’s head and in the water. When the right hands enter the water, your right elbow should be above the surface of the water and the body should be tilted slightly to the left side. At the same time the left arm accelerates underneath the water in a pulling motion down the length of the body. After the right arm enters the water, the body naturally rolls to the right so that the body is horizontal above water surface. The left arm continuous through the stroke at the swimmer side, continuous to extend the right arm forward.

  1. What is the text about?
    1. diving
    2. swimming
    3. skiing
    4. water-skiing
  1. What is the purpose of writing the text?
    1. To tell how to do freestyle
    2. To entertain the reader by doing swimming
    3. To describe the freestyle
    4. To describe swimming in general
  1. How is the swimmer’s body when the right arm enters the water?
    1. Rolling to the right
    2. Rolling to the left
    3. Going forward
    4. Rolling to the back
  1. How many steps are there in the text?
    1. 4
    2. 5
    3. 6
    4. 7
  1. The word “Quickly” has the similar meaning to…., except:
    1. rapidly
    2. swiftly
    3. fast
    4. hardly

Text for no 6-10

Making Pisang Goreng is very easy. First you need some ripe bananas and frying oil. Then slice the banana into thin slices. If you like, you can sprinkle some sugar or some cheese on top, or roll the bananas in flour before you fry them. The next, fry them in very hot oil until they turn brown. Eat them while it is warm. Hem…it’s very delicious.

  1. What materials do you need to make Fried Banana?
  1. Young bananas and frying oil
  2. Ripe bananas and frying pan

C.  Sugar and rotten banana

D.  Ripe bananas and cooking oil

  1. The writer wrote the text to….
  1. describe Pisang Goreng
  2. tell the ways to make Pisang Goreng
  3. explain the steps how to eat Pisang Goreng
  4. describe the process of frying Pisang Goreng.
  1. Which statement is correct based on the text?
    1. We have to roll the bananas with flour after frying them
    2. We must put sugar and cheese on top of bananas before slicing them
    3. We have to eat the bananas with a very hot oil
    4. We must stop cooking the bananas when they turn brown.
  1. The word “easy” has the opposite meaning to….., except:
    1. simple
    2. complicated
    3. difficult
    4. hard
  1. The word “them” in line 3 refers to …
    1. pisang Goreng
    2. bananas
    3. sugar and cheese
    4. flour

Text for no 11-15

Go to a cyber café or an internet café. Find a nice place and sit comfortably there. Then turn on the computer carefully. Wait patiently until you can see a form on your screen. After that, fill out the form accurately. When you have some problem, ask the attendant for assistance. Then, start to brows the internet. Find the information you wish. To end the operation, click the clock on the bottom right side of the screen. There you will see a figure indicating the amount of money you have to pay. Click “continue” when you do not want to end. Click “stop” if you are going to end using the appliance. Pay the cashier before you leave the place.

  1. The goal of the text is…
    1. To describe an internet café
    2. To give instruction how to use a computer
    3. To give guidance how to access an internet
    4. To persuade people to go to the internet café
  1. How to end an operation?
    1. Click the button in the right side of the computer then click “stop”..
    2. Click the “stop” button before browsing the information.
    3. Pay the cashier after getting some information
    4. Ask the attendant politely to end the computer

13. What should we do if we have some trouble?

A. We should repair it ourselves.

B. We should go home

C. We should ask our money back

D. We should ask some help for the employee

14. From the text above we know that there are…. Steps.

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

15. The word “end” has the same meaning to…..

A. start

B. satr

C. finish

D. furnish

Text for no 16-20

How to make “French Toast’

Steps: Firstly, mix two eggs, some milk and a little salt in a bowl. Then, slice a loaf of white bread. After that, dip slices of bread into the mixture. The next, heat some butter in a frying pan and put the bread in a frying pan. .The fifth, cook it for about three minutes on both sides. Finally, serve with jam (strawberry jam, pineapple jam or others) or syrup.

16. These are the materials (Ingredients) are needed to make French Toast.

  1. eggs, strawberry, frying oil, syrup, milk, salt.
  2. eggs, butter, jam, bread, milk, salt.
  3. eggs, frying oil, syrup, pineapple, milk, salt.
  4. eggs, bread, frying pan, bowl, milk, salt.

17. How many tools/equipments are mentioned in the text?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

18. From the text we can conclude that….

  1. There are five steps to make French Toast
  2. We need a mixer to mix French Toast
  3. We must fry the bread on the frying pan in a minute.
  4. We have to dip the bread in a mixture before frying it.

Text for no 19-23

How to make Pisang Penyet

You need         : Sweet bananas, palm sugar ( for the sauce )

  1. Stew the bananas
  2. Peel the bananas and flatten them
  3. bake them
  4. Prepare the sauce by putting the palm sugar in a pan. Add some water and boil it.
  5. Put the flattened bananas on a plate and pour them with some palm sugar sauce.

19. What do we need to make Pisang penyet sweeter?

A. Sweet bananas

B. Brown sugar

C. White sugar

D. Essences

  1. The purpose of the text is….

A. To describe Pisang Penyet

B. To tell the story of Pisang Penyet

C. To explain the ways to make Pisang Penyet

D. To inform the reader about Pisang Penyet.

  1. From the text we can infer that we must peel the bananas…

A. after stewing them

B. before stewing them

C. after flattening them

D. when we bake them

  1. Which word that has similar meaning to “Penyet”
    1. stewed
    2. flattened
    3. peeled
    4. baked

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